A dream and $300 dollars

Welcome to the story of Charm & Lovely LLC, a journey that started with the ambition of a single mother determined to build her own business. Without a higher education background or conventional job skills, she faced the challenge of turning her burning desire into reality. As a single mother always on the lookout for deals in department stores, a pivotal question arose:”How can I offer to provide quality fashion accessories from major department stores to the average person at reasonable prices?”

This question set her on a path of discovery, despite having no prior knowledge of the industry or product procurement. Along this journey, she encountered a mentor—a humble woman running a brick-and-mortar store with discounted products. This mentor introduced her to the world of “overstock” products. Armed with a modest sum from her income tax return, she sought her mentor’s guidance in buying and selling these excess goods, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. What started as a dream and a $300 investment has now blossomed into a family business.

In 2021, Charm & Lovely LLC was born, a testament to her relentless passion and the support of her family. The focus remains on delivering quality fashion accessories at exceptional prices. Achieving this objective involved procuring corrugated overstock items from major department stores, enabling Charm & Lovely LLC to extend substantial savings to the average consumer. A key strategy involves minimizing expenses, and operating as an e-commerce entity helps reduce product costs for customers.

Charm & Lovely LLC – “where affordability and quality converge”